Milk – the first thing that people try to taste! And the milk – the first ancient food! Milk has been thoroughly studied long time ago. The milk has everything: necessary amino acids, valuable proteins, lactose and well-digestible fats. Scientists have managed to thoroughly examine the minerals and vitamins contained in milk (and they are about 200), and to recognize that they are perfectly balanced. The milk has such an important element as the calcium which is necessary for the formation, development, and reconstruction of bone!

Fats – the main source of energy. Burning 1 gram of fat yields 9,3 kcal. The recommended intake of fat consumption is 30 % of daily calories. Fats help the absorption of proteins.


Proteins are the source of cells’ and tissue’s recovery. Proteins recover about 15 % of the energy consumed by us. Proteins require 3–4 times less energy on digestion of milk than on vegetable protein’s digestion. Milk contains essential amino acids.


Half liter of milk a day – and the daily protein needs will be satisfied by 20 %, calcium – 72 %, phosphorus – 10 %, iodine – 22 %, vitamins – 30 %.


Carbohydrates and microelements, and one more thing ... Carbohydrates. The physiological significance of carbohydrates – to perform energy properties. It comprises disaccharide lactose, it enzymatically splits and absorbs as glucose in the blood.


Microelements. The milk contains 60 elements of Mendeleev periodic table: calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, …

Particularly calcium plays an important role. Our bones grow up to 35 years old and they need calcium. Subject of calcium played an important part in the state program of Ukraine: «Three dairy products per day».


Water: about 60 % of water is in human’s organism, milk – about 88 %, so the milk is so close to our body!

Glass of milk in the morning – a boost of energy for the whole day and evening glass of milk with honey will banish insomnia!

And who would dare to say that milk is useful not for everybody!

Another thing is that not every body can absorb this useful product. There are important enzymes, whose function is to split complex components in the milk to digestible.


People often say: «I can not drink milk, the body does not accept it!» A lot of people in the world suffer from pains in the stomach (even diarrhea) after a glass of milk.


These people do not know the reason why the body reacts so, but they tell the truth!


The secret is that many people and even some nationalities suffer from lactose intolerance because of the lack of the enzyme in their body, which splits lactose.


There is a solution – to lower the lactose content in dairy products. In the whole world people, who are lactose intolerant, do not refuse from use of milk and dairy products, they buy lactose-free milk, lactose-free cottage cheese, lactose-free cheese, lactose-free yogurt!


Our dairy master knows how to do these healthy and tasty products! Eat them and be healthy!