Starter cultures DuPont N&H

The usual storage life of frozen starter cultures is 12 months at minus 45 degrees. The storage life of dry starter cultures is 18 months at a temperature of minus 18 degrees or for certain types of starter cultures at + 4 degrees. Storage conditions of starter cultures are always found in the specification, which is sure to be sent to customers when shipping.

Cultures are delivered to the central warehouse Danisco-Ukraine from Germany, where the load is formed. To Germany they go directly from the factories-manufacturers: from Germany or two French factories. Sometimes a special type of starter cultures comes from the USA. Thus, formed cargo is sent to Ukraine by refrigerator. Before sending the starter cultures are placed in special containers and covered by dry ice. The route is supported by the necessary temperature mode. Frozen starter cultures are stored at minus 45 degrees, dry starter cultures – at minus 18 degrees. One of the advantages of the company DuPont N&H is the presence of assortment of dry starter cultures that can be stored under the condition of plus 4 degrees. That advantage is used by our customers, who do not have chest freezers. Considerably lower energy consumption requires for storage of starter cultures.